Friday, January 15, 2010

Earl Grant - At Basin Street East

I received this LP on my birthday from a little stack of records my girlfriend brought home for me that day and when we put it on later that night we both really dug it a lot. At Basin Street East is a live recording from 1962 and is a nice classic groovy set of jazz pop vocals which can get bluesy at times. Earl also does one of the best renditions of "Fever" I have ever heard. I would have to say thats probably my favorite track on the album. I also like the few times Earl Talks to the crowd in between songs. It has a nice "atmospheric" vibe to it. This album will put you in a feel good mood upon listening thats for sure. Here is the wiki on Earl Grant who had a some what short career as he passed at the age of 39 in a car accident.

Wiki - Earl Grant

Original vinyl rip @ 320kbps MP3 with cover


  1. Looks interesting>>>I don't recall this LP

    This would add to my collection of this great man

    Big Up1@1