Thursday, December 31, 2009

The London Side Of Nashville - Third Coast New Wave

A little New Years Eve release for you all and something different. This is a private press compilation from Pollyfox Studios in Nashville circa 1982. It includes nine "New Wave" bands with about two songs per band. I bought this one nice and sealed but couldn't find much info online about the record itself. So I am deeming it rare and I'm positive it was a small pressing run but in all realness i didn't do much investigation of the bands featured. Definitely your early 80's synth tinged New Wave sound. My favorite stand out tracks are Video Widow by Sunshine Adams in which the female singer(I'm guessing Sunshine?) tells the story of her man who spent all of his money on VHS tapes and video machines and doesn't give her any attention anymore! Also I like the last track and the only single track by B.B. Gunne - Life In The Big City. All in all a nice mix of songs to fill your early 80's New Wave underground needs. I may have to do some more research on the bands and see if any of them or members actually broke into the mainstream. A definite different side to the Nashville music scene. Enjoy!

MP3 320kbps with covers

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  1. I have been looking for a clean copy of this for some time! I first heard of it when I found a copy at a massive 'secret' record sale which took up an entire house (LPs upstairs, 45s in the basement) and got it for a dollar. sadly it has a skip I can't make go away. Anyway, very glad to find it here. It should fit perfectly on a CD with Jason & The Nashville Scorcers and The White Animals' first EPs. Thanks for a great site!
    BTW- Wonder if the song with the two Yoakum songwriting credits is any relation to Dwight?