Friday, December 11, 2009

Rudy Ray Moore "The Turning Point"

Ok this is my first time trying this so everything may not be up to par as of right now. I would like to thank all the other bloggers who have turned me on to some serious music over the years. Thank you all!

Ok here is a gem I recently dug up for $.50 cents.I couldn't believe it when I was digging thru the stack. For all that don't know Rudy Ray Moore is probably best known as Dolemite the star of many low budget blaxploitation flicks and raw humor comedy albums etc. Here Rudy takes on a role as a serious singer with a nice 8 song LP with a few definite up-tempo hard funk jams like The Turning Point and Put Your Weight On It. Moore also goes mellow with some nice R&B slow jams. Some quotes from the liner notes. "True to the title of this LP, this is the Turning Point of the successful career of Rudy Ray Moore. Believe me, this album is something else in exposing the other talents of the multi-talented Moore, as a singer, writer and composer. His selection of tunes delivered in his own soulful stylings, especially "Knock Me A Kiss, and "Lucky Ol' Sun" could well place him on the hit parade list along with the other vocalists in today's field of soul singers. And as a writer, both the tracks "Put Your Weight On It" and "The Turning Point" could well give Quincy Jones and Isaac Hayes a run for the musical money." -Warren Lanier
This is an original vinyl rip @ 320kbps MP3 with artwork. Link in comments. Enjoy!



  2. Cool stuff. I ought to start one of these too. I have a rediculous amount of junk shop odd ball records and an mp3 turntable.

    Check me out if you get a minute:

  3. This is a good start>>>>Keep on keeping on

    Big UP1@1

  4. stunningly good share! thank you, thank you!

    i love rudy ray moore, i've never seen this one before!

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I had no familiarity with him at all but I was looking for a cool version of knock me a kiss to put on a mix and I'm learning the man was pretty prolific etc. so thanx again for schoolin me!