Thursday, December 31, 2009

The London Side Of Nashville - Third Coast New Wave

A little New Years Eve release for you all and something different. This is a private press compilation from Pollyfox Studios in Nashville circa 1982. It includes nine "New Wave" bands with about two songs per band. I bought this one nice and sealed but couldn't find much info online about the record itself. So I am deeming it rare and I'm positive it was a small pressing run but in all realness i didn't do much investigation of the bands featured. Definitely your early 80's synth tinged New Wave sound. My favorite stand out tracks are Video Widow by Sunshine Adams in which the female singer(I'm guessing Sunshine?) tells the story of her man who spent all of his money on VHS tapes and video machines and doesn't give her any attention anymore! Also I like the last track and the only single track by B.B. Gunne - Life In The Big City. All in all a nice mix of songs to fill your early 80's New Wave underground needs. I may have to do some more research on the bands and see if any of them or members actually broke into the mainstream. A definite different side to the Nashville music scene. Enjoy!

MP3 320kbps with covers

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Conway Twitty & His Little Friends - Merry Twismas

The second installment of my Christmas post is a pick from my girlfriend who wanted to share this one before even hearing it and I had to agree just from the title Merry Twismas alone! I wasn't sure what to expect but figured it was aimed more at kids and it definitely is. Conway goes on a little Christmas adventure with his pal Twitty Bird discovering different characters in Toyland Towne. This is a cross between the Chipmunks and classic Conway. I'd say this is worth at least one listen and more than likely it will get on your nerves after a while but its definitely a fun one and if you have kids they may enjoy it even more. My favorite cut is Silent Night which has a classic Conway intro and no annoying Twitty Bird to get in the way.
Happy Holidays!

Original vinyl rip @ 192kbps MP3 with covers.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Rotary Connection - Peace

A little something for the Christmas season. This is the first of two albums I will be posting for the Holidays. The second is more for fun but more on that in the days to come. Roatary Coneection - Peace (1968) could quite possibly be the only psychedelic soul Christmas album ever released. Rotary Connection is one of my favorites and for those that don't know the group at the time included a little known and another favorite vocalist of mine Minnie Ripperton (Mariah's got nothing on Minnie when it comes to hittin' the high notes.). Obviously by the front and back covers the message of psychedelia is apparent for this Christmas gem. I know its been reissued on CD at one point and not sure about the vinyl. Found this at a local thrift and didn't realize what it was at first as I never knew about this album and almost passed it up because of the water damaged sleeve while flipping thru the stack. Luckily the Santa with the pipe caught my eye and one quick look I knew I scored and was hoping for the best for the LP inside. Definitely worth the $1 price tag and definitely worth sharing as I believe this is becoming my favorite Christmas album which can be listened too all year long.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

MP3 320kbps with covers

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rudy Ray Moore "The Turning Point"

Ok this is my first time trying this so everything may not be up to par as of right now. I would like to thank all the other bloggers who have turned me on to some serious music over the years. Thank you all!

Ok here is a gem I recently dug up for $.50 cents.I couldn't believe it when I was digging thru the stack. For all that don't know Rudy Ray Moore is probably best known as Dolemite the star of many low budget blaxploitation flicks and raw humor comedy albums etc. Here Rudy takes on a role as a serious singer with a nice 8 song LP with a few definite up-tempo hard funk jams like The Turning Point and Put Your Weight On It. Moore also goes mellow with some nice R&B slow jams. Some quotes from the liner notes. "True to the title of this LP, this is the Turning Point of the successful career of Rudy Ray Moore. Believe me, this album is something else in exposing the other talents of the multi-talented Moore, as a singer, writer and composer. His selection of tunes delivered in his own soulful stylings, especially "Knock Me A Kiss, and "Lucky Ol' Sun" could well place him on the hit parade list along with the other vocalists in today's field of soul singers. And as a writer, both the tracks "Put Your Weight On It" and "The Turning Point" could well give Quincy Jones and Isaac Hayes a run for the musical money." -Warren Lanier
This is an original vinyl rip @ 320kbps MP3 with artwork. Link in comments. Enjoy!
So I'm finally starting a blog to share various vinyl findings with my friends and readers. Most of the records that I will drop here were purchased for $1 or less mostly at thrift shops etc. These will be all vinyl rips by me with cover art. I'm not much of a writer but I will try to have a brief description of each album or whatever it is I post. Who knows I may post some videos and photographs as well but the main focus of this blog will be the dusty dollar records I have been collecting for years. Enjoy!